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Many amongst us have major sleep problems. If you too are one of the many millions who suffer from sleeplessness, also known as insomnia, Zopiclone is the drug for you. Several reasons can be behind causing interference to our sleep – but eventually the results are the same.

With insomnia, we miss out on the pleasures of a good night’s sleep and the refreshed feeling the next morning. Sleeplessness causes stress, depression and can be very frustrating. Finally, lack of good sleep often leads to several health problems.

Zopiclone is a medicine to be used by adults who suffer form sleeplessness or insomnia. Some common signs of insomnia are: problems falling asleep and frequent waking during the night.

Critical information on safety with Zopiclone

Since Zopiclone acts very fast and puts you to sleep quickly, use it just before going to bed. Make sure that you have approximately 8 hours to sleep before you wake up and start with your activities.

Till such times that you are completely aware of how to react to the effects of Zopliclone, do not drive or operate machinery. It is advisable not to mix alcohol with this drug. If your sleep problems do not improve within 7 to 10 days or the condition worsens, call your doctor. This would usually mean that there can be other health problems which are causing sleep disturbance.

You should consult your doctor, if after taking Zopiclone, you drive, eat or perform any other activity while asleep. Though unlikely, you can experience allergic reactions to this drug. Most medicines that are taken to treat sleep problems are habit forming. You should not use these drugs for a long time without taking sanction from your doctor.

The common side effects of Zopiclone are: headache, bitter taste in the mouth, giddiness and feeling drowsy.