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Buy Codeine Online

Codeine is the name of an opioid or narcotic pain medication which can be used for the treatment of mild to severe pain. It belongs to a class of drugs called antitussives.

Codeine is generally used for curing menstrual cramps, muscular pains, pains after an operation or after giving birth, toothaches, cephalalgia, lumbago, sciatica and arthritis and pains after a neoplastic surgery.

Precautions when taking Codeine

Before taking Codeine, a patient should be careful and inform their doctor if they have breathing disorders, frequent attacks of asthma or hyperventilation and paralytic ileus. Also, care should be taken if a patient is suffering from liver or kidney disease, sleep apnea, brain cancer, blockage of digestive tract, Addison disease, pancreas or bladder problems, mental illness or a history of being addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Do not administer Codeine to a child under the age of 15 if he or she has just been released from surgery after removal of tonsils or adenoids. Hepatic disease or under-active thyroid or pulmonary conditions are also a cause for concern and should be first discussed with a doctor before taking this drug.

Codeine Overdose Risks

Codeine is analgesic drug that is known to cause a certain level of emotional dependency on this drug after it has been used for a long period of time or if it has been used as a regular drug with heavy dosage. The abrupt halt to taking this drug or complete abstinence may cause a person to suffer from withdrawal symptoms and hence, a person should thoroughly consult their doctor and then discuss on the amount that is being prescribed to the patient for effective use and cure.

After a long time period of treatment has passed then the dosage of Codeine should be minimized gradually and slowly with the help of the doctor.

Safety Measures when taking Codeine

Avoid using Codeine during pregnancy or during the stages of breast-feeding as it may be harmful for the unborn baby or the infant. Make sure that the recommended dosage by the doctor is not exceeded under any circumstances.

The common side effects of Codeine include nausea, vomiting, impaired or blurred line of sight, sweating, seizures, hallucinations and palpitations. Hence, it is advisable to not drive or operate any machinery as dizziness or drowsiness may cause fails or dangerous accidents. Also, the use of alcohol is prohibited while you are under treatment of Codeine because it elevates the urge of addiction.

It should be kept out of the reach of underage children and pets and special care should be taken of any weak or elderly people who are taking Codeine. Moreover, codeine results in a positive test for the doping analysis so sports people or athletes should not take Codeine while competing.

Codeine Dosage Treatment

The overdose symptoms of Codeine include slow breathing and heart rate, muscle weakness, clammy skin, dilated pupils, drowsiness and fainting. The overdose of Codeine can be fatal so contact emergency services at once in case of overdose and a patient should b kept under medical surveillance for at the very least 12 hours after the drug has been induced into the body.

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