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Generic Name: Lorazepam
It is also known as: lorazipam, ativin, ativen, lorazapam, atevan, lorzepam, atevin, lorzapam.

When Ativan is used:
Belonging to the benzodiazepines group of drugs, Ativan works on the chemicals in the brain that become imbalanced and cause insomnia, seizures and anxiety.

The basic areas of use of Ativan include treatment of anxiety disorders including tension, nervousness and anxiety. Some types of seizures may also be treated with Ativan. It is also used as a sleep inducer (treating insomnia).

It is also used to treat other ailments over and above the ones listed in the guide.

Caution before using Ativan:
Be careful when operating machinery, driving or doing any other activity which may be dangerous, as Ativan induces dizziness and drowsiness. In case you feel drowsy or dizzy, you should avoid doing such activities.

  • Alcohol aggravates dizziness and drowsiness resulting from the intake of Ativan; hence should be avoided. The intake may also cause seizure if Ativan is taken before the onset of seizure.
  • Ativan is habit forming. It may cause psychological or physical dependence. Overdosing should be avoided and the tenure of medication should be maintained according to doctor’s advice. Sudden cessation of the intake of Ativan could cause withdrawal symptoms after the drug has been used for several weeks at a stretch. Ask your doctor for a gradual tapering of dose.

Contra-indications when taking Ativan:
Patients with narrow-angle glaucoma should avoid taking Ativan, as the drug may further worsen the condition.
Before you start taking Ativan, tell your doctor if you have the following conditions:

  • Ailment affecting the kidneys;
  • Liver ailment;
  • Any disease affecting your respiratory system including asthma, edmphysema, bronchitis, etc.
  • If you have suicidal tendencies or have depression;